NEXTIP, ein führender Anbieter von Contact Center Lösungen in Italien, wird Teil der TSS

NEXTIP, one of the leading providers of dedicated software solutions for contact centers in Italy, has joined Total Specific Solutions. This is the second Italian software acquisition by TSS this summer, following the acquisition of A.P. System in July. TSS now has three software companies in Italy.

NEXTIP offers its clients an end-to-end contact center platform that handles inbound and outbound customer communication over multiple channels such as telephone, web, chat, email, messaging apps, social media, and text. NEXTIP offers a ‚Contact Center as a service‘ model that can be used to support both large and small contact centers. The back-office module of the multi-channel platform centralizes all customer data so that the in- and outbound modules can relate and display customer information, combined with managed contact information on a single desktop. In addition, the communication channels include modern instant messaging and social networks through a centralized platform and automatic Chatbot / VoiceBot services.

Erwin Witte, General Manager at TSS: “We are excited to add another key vertical software organization to our Italian TSS portfolio. Many high-profile Italian companies use the NEXTIP end-to-end platform at their contact centers. Since 2010, Francesco Basili and his team have grown NEXTIP into one of the leading software solutions for this market. Once based on traditional contact methods, they have innovated their solution over time to include all current communication methods such as chatbots and social channels. The NEXTIP platform has been developed in close cooperation with the clients. The high customer satisfaction proves that the software fits the needs of the industry.

I am pleased that Francesco will continue in his current role as Managing Director to support the company in their next phase.”

Francesco Basili, Managing Director at NEXTIP: “My team and I have worked closely with our customers to create our innovative contact platform. Supported by TSS, we are looking forward to taking the next step in the future of our company. It will be exciting to be part of one of Europe’s leading vertical market software groups. The ‘buy and hold forever’ philosophy of TSS means that the future of NEXTIP is safeguarded for our customers. Apart from this, joining TSS will create a lot of new opportunities for our employees. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved since its inception and the company we have built. We look forward to the next part of the journey. NEXTIP will remain an independent business unit with its own identity within TSS’s decentralized operational model. We join the other TSS software companies in Italy and will help TSS expand its foothold in our country. And we look forward to sharing our insights and experiences with all our new colleagues across Europe.”


NEXTIP provides a mission-critical cloud-based contact center solution whereby customers can organize all in- and outbound contact needs. Its motto is simple, fast, and competitive and its platform helps clients to achieve just that: the application centralizes, relates, and displays customer data with managed contact information in a single desktop view. In total, more than 5.000 contact center operators use the NEXTIP solution every day for all their contact / communication needs. The company was founded in 2010 and is located in Milan, Italy.