Total Specific Solutions acquires Gesinf Srl, the Italian software provider for public authorities and non-profit organizations

Nieuwegein/Rome, the Netherlands, 8 April 2022.

The software provider Gesinf Srl is the 4th company to join Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) in Italy. Gesinf is a leading software company helping institutions in the public administration and non-profit organizations, including national sports federations, with solutions for their administrative and accounting needs. TSS Italy now consists of RTS, A.P. System, NEXTIP, and Gesinf.
Team Government is Gesinf’s ERP platform that helps public administrations with their integrated financial and economic accounting. The ERP solution manages a complex legislative decree so that the public organizations are in compliance. Gesinf’s new ERP platform, Corporate 2g, is used by most national sports federations, helping them comply with another complex legislative decree. Gesinf solutions provide cost accounting and reporting tools to make management decisions based on financial and economic data and supply the transparent information required by regulations.
Erwin Witte, General Manager at TSS: “We are pleased to welcome Gesinf to TSS. In almost 40 years, Claudio and Fabio Nicoletti, together with their team, managed to grow Gesinf into the leading software solution for Italian National Sports Federations and public authorities. They have created software solutions to help their clients navigate through new governmental rulings, which are quite complex. By solving the complexity in the software, they understand their customers’ needs, and their solutions not only fit the needs of the industry but also give added value.
I am looking forward to working with Andrea Carnevali, who will be the Managing Director leading the company into the next phase. Next to this, I am grateful that both Claudio and Fabio Nicoletti will continue to be involved in Gesinf to support this transition and the growth going forward.”
Claudio Nicoletti, former co-owner of Gesinf: “When your family has built a company, believed in its potential and the value for our clients, and nurtured it for 40 years, you don’t pass the baton to just any new owner. Our company offers valued solutions to the market that bring our clients added value. We maintain good relationships with our customers and have a solid understanding of the specific markets. So, when TSS contacted us with their ‘Software for Life’ policy, meaning that they hold companies forever and never sell them again, we knew we had found the right new owner. By joining TSS, we ensure that we will continue our company, serving our clients and providing a future for the employees. We now have access to the accumulated best practices from years of experience running vertical software companies, and we gain more than 4,000 new colleagues within TSS. Overall, this will bring us new insights and inspiration and energize us for the next phase of Gesinf.”
Andrea Carnevali, Managing Director of Gesinf: “I have been working at Gesinf for 25 years now. I know the clients and employees very well. They are part of my extended family, so I am excited to lead the company on its next leg of the journey as part of an independent business unit of TSS.”


Gesinf was founded in 1984, and over the years, it has built an extensive and specialized knowledge of public accounting. They have around 80 clients, primarily public administrations, and national sports federations. Within the public vertical, Gesinf focuses on the central government sector. Their main philosophy is to provide innovative solutions with high technological content, capable of responding to the immediate needs of the sector and guiding it in the gradual change towards new management models. Gesinf is located in Rome, Italy.
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