Baratz, a software company that delivers an Integrated Library System (ILS) for public and private customers, has joined Total Specific Solutions (TSS). It is the third company in Spain, following Ofimática and Spyro, to join the European VMS group.

Baratz has a library solution suite, AbsysNet, that provides the functionality for both digital and physical libraries and library networks to efficiently manage all of their needs, including lending, sharing catalogs, and other library services. Baratz offers public, university, school, and specialized libraries dedicated software solutions and has a very strong track record in servicing public clients, which represent more than 80% of Spanish libraries, making it a market leader in the public sector.

Martijn Aardema, General Manager at TSS: “We are very proud to welcome Baratz to TSS in Spain. With this acquisition, we expand our Spanish footprint and increase our knowledge of library software that we already have through Square Information Solutions. Baratz is very customer-focused and has shown impressive innovation capabilities. Mr. Juan Beitia founded the company in 1987, and he and his team have created a vertical market software company with an impressive customer base. The current management team has placed the company in a good position to continue its expansion in Spain and Latin America. I am looking forward to working together with Juan Repiso, the CEO of Baratz. Juan first joined the company as Sales Director but has been the CEO for the past 10 years. He has a profound understanding of the market and customers that will be very valuable to us. We are excited to support Baratz in the next phase of their journey.”

Juan Beitia, owner and chairman of Baratz: “When I founded Baratz over 30 years ago, I dreamed of a great future for the company. Its growth and expansion over the years have made me proud of the great team led by Juan Repiso. It is now time to keep evolving as part of TSS and continue accumulating successes.”

Juan Repiso, CEO of Baratz: “We are thrilled to join TSS to keep strengthening Baratz in the development and improvement of our software, AbsysNet. This opportunity will help us continue growing under the TSS structure and working with our clients as we have done for more than three decades. The accumulated knowledge is mixed with the experience TSS provides in product and business development. We will continue on the current path in terms of product quality and client satisfaction, which has helped us in achieving such strong results, but now as one of the companies which started TSS in Spain.”

About Baratz

Baratz was founded in 1987 and has since become a leader in library solutions for the Spanish market. Their deep market knowledge and constant investments in R&D have yielded a portfolio of high-end solutions. Their clients vary from specialized libraries to regional governments. Baratz has customers in Spain, France, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina. Baratz is based in Madrid, Spain.