Total Specific Solutions acquires A.P. System and expands its position in Italy

A.P. System, the Italian software company that delivers solutions for organizations active in the installation and maintenance of lifts, escalators, and elevators, has become part of Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). This is the second acquisition after RTS in Italy.

A.P. System has developed a specific solution suite that supports customers in all of their daily installation and maintenance activities. Its core solution is AziWin Eleva, an ERP that covers the processes of repair management, maintenance planning, lift inspection, and visit check management. AziWin Eleva allows users to automate all primary business processes and support specific operational domains like order management, call handling, site visits, billing cycles, and maintenance teams. On top of this ERP, A.P. System has developed several functional modules such as Eleva Mobile. This module for mobile devices allows the company and technicians to exchange information, thereby reducing the timeframe of all back-office manual phases, supervising technicians‘ activities, and automatically gathering the processing times.

Erwin Witte, General Manager at TSS: “We are very pleased to welcome A.P. System to TSS. It is an excellent example of a truly dedicated vertical market software player. Leonardo Gramegna and his team succeeded in growing A.P. System into the leading software solution provider for the Italian elevator maintenance industry. The company is very close to its clients and has built a deep understanding of the sector over the years. Their specific software solutions perfectly match the needs of their clients. It will be valuable to learn their best practices and particular approaches. Having two well-known companies A.P. System and RTS in Italy gives TSS a solid basis to continue our growth in Italy.
I am looking forward to working with Leonardo, who will continue to lead the company into the next phase.”

Leonardo Gramegna, Managing Director of A.P. System: “We started A.P. System in 1986 and over the years we have built the company to the current leading position in our specific vertical. We have accomplished this together with our employees and customers. I am sure that, with TSS, we have found the best possible and durable future for them. TSS is a great landing platform for our company; we share the same values, like employee engagement and a 100% customer-centric approach. TSS has the ‘perpetual ownership’ principle, meaning that they are in it for the long term. A.P. System will become an independent business unit within TSS. It will become part of a group with more than 3,000 employees who believe in knowledge sharing. This will give us access to the enormous collection of accumulated VMS best practices. All of this gives us the solid foundation for the next phase for our company so we can continue to run a successful vertical market software company for decades to come.”

A.P. System

A.P. System Srl is a company established in 1986 specialized in developing specific solutions for installation and maintenance of lifts, goods lifts, escalators, and elevator systems companies. The company has built up a stable portfolio of over 200 customers covering more than 240.000 lifting installations in Italy. A.P. System is located in Bari, Italy.