Total Specific Solutions expands its position in Spain with the acquisition of M.SOFT Worldwide

Nieuwegein, 1 December 2021. M.SOFT Worldwide (”M.SOFT’), one of the leading Spanish providers of business information systems for the automation of transport and warehouse logistics operations, has joined Total Specific Solutions (‚TSS‘). This is the fourth company in Spain joining the European Vertical Market Software (VMS) group, following Ofimática, Spyro, and Baratz.
M.SOFT is a one-stop-shop company providing a full range of software solutions for logistics process automation. The suite of products covers all the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and Logistics Service Providers (LSP). M.SOFT has an ERP system for LSP, a single application covering all functionalities from operations to administrative and financial functions needed to manage the processes related to transport and warehouse, and other key products for the entire industry within the suite that includes: Transportation Management System (TMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Yard Management System (YMS), Optimization and Mobility solutions.
Jurriaan Piek, General Manager at TSS: „We are proud to welcome M.SOFT to TSS, our fourth Spanish company. This acquisition is the first company within TSS to offer a complete suite of products for the logistics sector based in Spain. M.SOFT has compiled a wealth of knowledge over the past 32 years based on a deep understanding of customers’ needs. We believe that the company is well-positioned to continue growing in both Spain and Latin America.
We are delighted to support M.SOFT on the next phase of the journey as part of TSS.”
The current management team of M.SOFT will continue to lead the company. They want to make sure that M.SOFT will have a perpetual owner so that the team can continue building the company’s future faster and stronger than ever. TSS believes in – software for life -, giving the company the stability it was looking for and allowing M.SOFT to retain its identity, which has been carefully built up over the past 32 years.
The company has taken many steps to be side-by-side with its customers addressing their needs and challenges and adding value to the market. Now, M.SOFT is ready to continue its future as an independent business unit of TSS, which means continuity for our clients and employees, and an exciting next phase for all the people at M.SOFT, as part of a leading European software group.