The Dutch software provider TANS joins Total Specific Solutions

Nieuwegein/Eindhoven, 7 March 2022.

Total Specific Solutions („TSS“) has acquired TANS BV & BVBA, a leading software company that delivers TMS and WMS solutions to the transport and logistical market in the Benelux. This is TSS’s first dedicated TMS and WMS software solution for this market in the Benelux.
TANS has two product lines: TALIS and IMPACT. TALIS is the TMS and WMS tool developed in-house and has a modular design so that clients can get those modules that they need to operate their business. It is available as an on-premise or a SaaS model to fit the different needs of clients and has various language versions. IMPACT is the planning tool that has also been developed in-house.
Joost van Haarlem, Portfolio Manager at TSS: „We are pleased to welcome TANS to our portfolio in the Benelux. TANS has been around for more than 35 years and has a solid understanding of the market and its clients‘ needs. At TSS, we value such in-depth market knowledge and focus on customers. TANS has a holistic customer-oriented approach, providing user-friendly software and additional courses for those interested. By adding our knowledge on running successful VMS companies, TANS is ready to take the next step.
I am looking forward to working with René Knapen and the people at TANS.“
Hans Koopmans, former co-owner and Operational Director: „We have built a software company that now has a leading position in the Benelux market. Having had a working life of 45 years, the time has come for me to pursue other interests. And thus, we looked for a new owner with whom continuity would be paramount. TSS believes in Software for Life, which provides TANS with the right foundation to continue its future. This allows me the chance to follow my interests.“
René Knapen, Commercial Director and former co-owner: „TANS was founded in 1985, and over the years, we have built solid relationships with our clients. We have developed and maintained valued software solutions that helped customers with their mission-critical business processes. So when we were looking for a new owner, it was essential for us that the company’s continuity would carry on for our clients and employees. We found that in TSS, and we are now entering the first step of a new future.
Being part of a large group where knowledge sharing is high on the agenda will give us new insights and energy which will benefit our clients. And it will allow us to share our experience and the best practices that we have gained over the years. Plus it will make us more attractive as an employer to be part of a large group.


TANS develops, consults on, supplies, implements, and maintains business software for SME businesses in the transport and logistical markets in the Benelux. TANS has two software products, TALIS and IMPACT, that cover the transport and warehouse management needs of around 400 2PL and 3PL transport and logistical companies in the Benelux. The solutions are also suitable for the sub-verticals of road transportation. The company that was founded in 1985 has around 30 employees. It is headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with an additional office in Antwerp, Belgium.
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