The French multi-vertical software solution provider DEAL joins Total Specific Solutions

Jun 08, 2023

Total Specific Solutions („TSS“) has acquired Deal Informatique and its subsidiary Planilog („DEAL“), a multi-vertical software company offering a large range of solutions for the French market, active primarily in the construction, agriculture, industry, and public sectors. DEAL is the 17th company in the French-speaking market that joins Groupe TSS, our French TSS division.

The DEAL ERP solutions help clients manage accounting & financial information, fixed assets & investments, purchasing & inventory, business and project. DEAL.Finances helps companies with their accounting needs. The solution DEAL.BMS focuses specifically on the construction sector and make-to-order companies covering all the functionalities necessary for monitoring a site or project while controlling the margins. DEAL.Agri helps grain cooperatives, trades, and unions manage their agricultural activity; it ensures optimal and centralized business management from the seed to the consumer. And DEAL.Planilog is a specific planning and scheduling solution for the industry.

Dorinda van Oosten, General Manager at TSS: „I am pleased that DEAL joins TSS, and we further strengthen our position in the French market. DEAL covers large accounts as well as SMEs in multiple verticals, and through DEAL, we expand our foothold in the financial and industry sectors. And with this acquisition, we now have our first dedicated solutions for the French agricultural and construction vertical. We believe that the role of software will increase in these markets over time. DEAL and TSS share similar values as companies, such as our believe in investing in human capital and continuously sharing of knowledge, which provides a good foundation to continue the journey of DEAL, now as part of our group.
Portfolio manager Othman Ghannam and I look forward to introducing Managing Director Siham Cazeaux, former President and now advisor Yves Laurisse, and the team to our TSS and CSI companies‘ colleagues. A perfect opportunity to get them acquainted with our extensive set of best practices, accelerating their business growth and strengthening their customers’ relationships.“

Siham Cazeaux, Managing Director of DEAL: „Our company was founded 35 years ago, and since then, we have built a solid client base in several verticals. We focus on delivering software and support to help our customers manage their businesses efficiently. By joining TSS, we gain access to a new range of knowledge on running successful software companies. New insights and visions will help us further refine our market and customer focus. In addition, gaining so many new colleagues in France and abroad will give us new energy and inspiration to take to our clients and incorporate into our solutions.
I look forward to working closely with Dorinda and Othman as we take our next step as part of the French Groupe TSS.“

Yves Laurisse, former President and now advisor of DEAL: “ With the support of Eponyme Partners, I am pleased to have concluded this sale to TSS, a perpetual owner of software companies. TSS’s ‘software for life’ principle means that DEAL can focus on a long-term future that benefits the clients, employees, and the company. I will continue as an advisor for the coming period having full confidence that Siham and the team will manage the company well as an independent business unit of TSS. I would also like to thank the investment funds Galia Gestion, Aquiti Gestion, Sopromec Participations, and Expanso Capital that supported me during this entrepreneurial journey.”

DEAL is a multi-vertical software solution provider that primarily addresses the construction, agriculture, industry, and public sectors. The leading DEAL solutions are DEAL.Finances, the accounting core system, Business Management Suite (BMS) for the construction/make-to-order companies, an Agri-Business Suite for grain cooperatives, and a point of solution Planilog, a specific planning and scheduling software for the industry. The group serves more than 100 customers and works with a global network of partners. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in the Bordeaux area (Pessac).