The Spanish software company Codisys joins Total Specific Solutions

Nieuwegein/Madrid, 11 July 2023.

Codisys is a leading national and international supplier of software, hardware, and professional services solutions for the restaurant and retail sectors. Codisys is the 7th company to join Total Specific Solutions („TSS“) in Spain. And it is the second Spanish company active in the hospitality industry following Ofimática.
Codisys is a full-service organization providing a one-stop-shop experience for POS, ERP, and hardware solutions. Codyshop provides central management solutions for omnichannel retailing. It has cloud-based solutions and POS systems to facilitate remote access, scalability, and data security. To provide restaurant customers with a convenient ordering and check-out experience, Codisys offers mobile POS and self-service kiosks. Their solution has an omnichannel approach, including online ordering and contactless service. Advanced analytics allow restaurants to make data-driven decisions. And the software integrates seamlessly with other systems.
Jurriaan Piek, General Manager at TSS: „The tourism industry is an important economic driver in this country, and with the acquisition of Codisys, we further strengthen our proposition for the hospitality vertical. Ofimática, our first company in Spain to join us, focuses primarily on hotels, travel agencies & tour operators. Now we have Codisys, a company with a leading position in the restaurant chains and franchises sector. Codisys is customer-oriented, focusing on trust and striving to exceed customer expectations. For example, back in 1998, Codisys launched the first version of CodyShop with a focused POS application for the restaurant industry, which they expanded in 2001 to a full-service solution for the restaurant segment. This one-stop shop makes it easier for clients to get a solution that covers all their needs. Such a customer-centric approach is in line with our view, and it will be interesting to exchange best practices.
I look forward to helping Managing Director Ignacio Crespo and his team familiarize themselves with the TSS best practices and continue their growth path as an independent company within our group.“
Ignacio Crespo, founder, and Managing Director of Codisys: „We have been active in the market for more than 30 years, and we have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of software, hardware, and professional services solutions for the restaurant and retail sectors in Spain and South America. It was time for our company to take the next step and for this, we were looking for a new owner. TSS believes in perpetual ownership, buy once and hold forever. This is the perfect basis for continuing our journey into the future. We now have the backing of a large, dedicated software group with many best practices for running successful software companies. And TSS is eager to learn our best practices as well. Joining TSS means continuity for our employees, company, and customers, and we can focus on our next steps and plans.
We look forward to working with Jurriaan and his team, meeting the other TSS companies, gaining new inspiration and insights which we can take to our clients and begin the next part of our future.“
Codisys is a leading IT company with 30 years of experience providing soft- and hardware solutions, after-sales services, support, and technical assistance for the restaurant and retail sectors. It is a full-service organization offering customers a one-stop-shop experience for POS, ERP, and hardware solutions. Its primary focus is omnichannel retailing for the restaurant & retail chains and franchise branches. Codisys has clients across Europe (Portugal, France, Italy, and the UK) and South America (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, and Panama). And the company has its commercial offices in Madrid and Barcelona, Spain.
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