Total Specific Solutions acquires Gesinf Srl, the Italian software provider for public authorities and non-profit organizations

Total Specific Solutions acquires Gesinf Srl, the Italian software provider for public authorities and non-profit organizations

Nieuwegein/Rome, the Netherlands, 8 April 2022.

The software provider Gesinf Srl is the 4th company to join Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) in Italy. Gesinf is a leading software company helping institutions in the public administration and non-profit organizations, including national sports federations, with solutions for their administrative and accounting needs. TSS Italy now consists of RTS, A.P. System, NEXTIP, and Gesinf.
Team Government is Gesinf’s ERP platform that helps public administrations with their integrated financial and economic accounting. The ERP solution manages a complex legislative decree so that the public organizations are in compliance. Gesinf’s new ERP platform, Corporate 2g, is used by most national sports federations, helping them comply with another complex legislative decree. Gesinf solutions provide cost accounting and reporting tools to make management decisions based on financial and economic data and supply the transparent information required by regulations.
Erwin Witte, General Manager at TSS: “We are pleased to welcome Gesinf to TSS. In almost 40 years, Claudio and Fabio Nicoletti, together with their team, managed to grow Gesinf into the leading software solution for Italian National Sports Federations and public authorities. They have created software solutions to help their clients navigate through new governmental rulings, which are quite complex. By solving the complexity in the software, they understand their customers’ needs, and their solutions not only fit the needs of the industry but also give added value.
I am looking forward to working with Andrea Carnevali, who will be the Managing Director leading the company into the next phase. Next to this, I am grateful that both Claudio and Fabio Nicoletti will continue to be involved in Gesinf to support this transition and the growth going forward.”
Claudio Nicoletti, former co-owner of Gesinf: “When your family has built a company, believed in its potential and the value for our clients, and nurtured it for 40 years, you don’t pass the baton to just any new owner. Our company offers valued solutions to the market that bring our clients added value. We maintain good relationships with our customers and have a solid understanding of the specific markets. So, when TSS contacted us with their ‘Software for Life’ policy, meaning that they hold companies forever and never sell them again, we knew we had found the right new owner. By joining TSS, we ensure that we will continue our company, serving our clients and providing a future for the employees. We now have access to the accumulated best practices from years of experience running vertical software companies, and we gain more than 4,000 new colleagues within TSS. Overall, this will bring us new insights and inspiration and energize us for the next phase of Gesinf.”
Andrea Carnevali, Managing Director of Gesinf: “I have been working at Gesinf for 25 years now. I know the clients and employees very well. They are part of my extended family, so I am excited to lead the company on its next leg of the journey as part of an independent business unit of TSS.”


Gesinf was founded in 1984, and over the years, it has built an extensive and specialized knowledge of public accounting. They have around 80 clients, primarily public administrations, and national sports federations. Within the public vertical, Gesinf focuses on the central government sector. Their main philosophy is to provide innovative solutions with high technological content, capable of responding to the immediate needs of the sector and guiding it in the gradual change towards new management models. Gesinf is located in Rome, Italy.
More information can be found on the website:

The Dutch software provider TANS joins Total Specific Solutions

The Dutch software provider TANS joins Total Specific Solutions

Nieuwegein/Eindhoven, 7 March 2022.

Total Specific Solutions („TSS“) has acquired TANS BV & BVBA, a leading software company that delivers TMS and WMS solutions to the transport and logistical market in the Benelux. This is TSS’s first dedicated TMS and WMS software solution for this market in the Benelux.
TANS has two product lines: TALIS and IMPACT. TALIS is the TMS and WMS tool developed in-house and has a modular design so that clients can get those modules that they need to operate their business. It is available as an on-premise or a SaaS model to fit the different needs of clients and has various language versions. IMPACT is the planning tool that has also been developed in-house.
Joost van Haarlem, Portfolio Manager at TSS: „We are pleased to welcome TANS to our portfolio in the Benelux. TANS has been around for more than 35 years and has a solid understanding of the market and its clients‘ needs. At TSS, we value such in-depth market knowledge and focus on customers. TANS has a holistic customer-oriented approach, providing user-friendly software and additional courses for those interested. By adding our knowledge on running successful VMS companies, TANS is ready to take the next step.
I am looking forward to working with René Knapen and the people at TANS.“
Hans Koopmans, former co-owner and Operational Director: „We have built a software company that now has a leading position in the Benelux market. Having had a working life of 45 years, the time has come for me to pursue other interests. And thus, we looked for a new owner with whom continuity would be paramount. TSS believes in Software for Life, which provides TANS with the right foundation to continue its future. This allows me the chance to follow my interests.“
René Knapen, Commercial Director and former co-owner: „TANS was founded in 1985, and over the years, we have built solid relationships with our clients. We have developed and maintained valued software solutions that helped customers with their mission-critical business processes. So when we were looking for a new owner, it was essential for us that the company’s continuity would carry on for our clients and employees. We found that in TSS, and we are now entering the first step of a new future.
Being part of a large group where knowledge sharing is high on the agenda will give us new insights and energy which will benefit our clients. And it will allow us to share our experience and the best practices that we have gained over the years. Plus it will make us more attractive as an employer to be part of a large group.


TANS develops, consults on, supplies, implements, and maintains business software for SME businesses in the transport and logistical markets in the Benelux. TANS has two software products, TALIS and IMPACT, that cover the transport and warehouse management needs of around 400 2PL and 3PL transport and logistical companies in the Benelux. The solutions are also suitable for the sub-verticals of road transportation. The company that was founded in 1985 has around 30 employees. It is headquartered in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, with an additional office in Antwerp, Belgium.
More information on the website:

Total Specific Solutions acquires the British software company WAER Systems

Total Specific Solutions acquires the British software company WAER Systems

Nieuwegein, 3 March 2022.

Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) has acquired WAER Systems Limited, an advanced WMS supplier with a global customer network in the NetSuite space. This is TSS’s third acquisition in the UK, following Biomedical Data Solutions and Passfield.
WAER Systems software solution WAERlinx is an advanced, cloud-based Warehouse Management System (WMS). Its extensive, straightforward functionality gives its users the control, visibility, and reporting expected from an advanced WMS. The WAERlinx solution fits all types of businesses, from small to large enterprises, and focuses on different verticals including manufacturing, distribution & logistics, food & beverage, not-for-profit, and retail.
Martijn Aardema, General Manager at TSS: “We are pleased to welcome WAER Systems, our first WMS software supplier in the United Kingdom that specialises in several vertical markets. WAERlinx has its roots in the global aerospace manufacturers industry, and WAER found its sweet spot in combining its innovative vision with WMS functionalities based on customer demand. The founder and former owner, Rod Scott, has built a company with clients across the globe, and he and his team have placed a lot of emphasis on customer and partner relationships. This fits our vision, and I believe that TSS will provide the right foundation for the next step in the company’s future.
Together with Portfolio Manager Arjen de Wit, I look forward to supporting David Snelson and his team in their new phase as an independent business unit of TSS.
David Snelson, Managing Director of WAER Systems: “Over the years, we have built a solid software company that delivers added value to our customers in the specific vertical markets that we serve. When we were looking for a new owner, we wanted to continue what we created and ensure a bright future for our employees and customers. TSS approached us with their ‘Software for Life’ strategy, which fits our needs perfectly. And TSS understands the difference in cultures; whether it concerns countries or specific industries, each culture needs a dedicated approach.
We look forward to being part of a group that values sharing knowledge and best practices and gaining new insights. We are ready for the future.”
WAER Systems
WAER Systems specialises in the design, implementation and support of their WAERlinx WMS platform for all types of businesses. Multinationals and SMEs use their software in different verticals across the globe. The company has a spirit of innovation and excellence and since its inception more than 20 years ago, it has helped businesses all over the world run some of the most complex warehouse operations. They have their headquarters in Lancing, United Kingdom.
More information on the website:

Total Specific Solutions strengthens its real estate division in France with the acquisition of Adapt Informatique

Nieuwegein/Montpellier, the Netherlands/France, 21 February 2022.

Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”) has acquired the French real estate solution provider Adapt Informatique (“Adapt”). This further completes the TSS real estate offering with Adapt as the 5th member of the Real Estate Group in the French-speaking region, following Salvia, SRCI, Alteva, and Netika. And it is the 13th company joining TSS in the French-speaking market.

My Adapt is a new generation software solution that helps clients optimize their customer relationships and move quickly in the highly competitive real estate market. Some of the features of My Adapt are multicast announcements, teamwork between all types of agencies, and automatic reconciliation. It also provides management and sales information such as analytics and (market) estimations, and it includes website and social media publication options. The solution is used by independent and multi-site agencies or collaborative agency networks.

Jennifer Pastor Lallau & Olivier Lallau, founders of Adapt Informatique: „We are delighted that Adapt is joining the real estate division of the TSS group. Now that Adapt Informatique is part of a dedicated and growing real estate division, it is in the right position to take the next step in its growth. The TSS Group shares the same values and ambitions as we do. Thanks to their methodology and the sharing of best practices, Adapt will be able to continue to develop its focused software solution and offer a great experience to our customers.“

Françoise Farag, General Manager at TSS, Real Estate Group: „I am looking forward to having Adapt join the Real Estate Group of TSS in France. Adapt brings a new focus which further completes our portfolio of solutions for the French-speaking market. We now have five companies in this group that each has its specific expertise and market offering. We have a very strong knowledge base of this vertical and a solid foundation for sharing best practices and building the future of the companies within our real estate cluster.”

Sabrina Robles Lebailly, Managing Director of Adapt Informatique: „Jennifer and Olivier Lallau built a great company, and I enjoy having the opportunity to continue this journey. Together with the employees, we will pursue Adapt’s ambition: satisfy our customers’ needs daily. I look forward to staying close to them and using our expertise to reach our ambitions.

Adapt will remain an independent company within TSS and the French Real Estate cluster. Being part of TSS means that we will benefit from the experience of other business units, not only for knowledge of the real estate market but also how to optimize a VMS company in general. It will allow us to save time and efficiency and focus on our offering and customer satisfaction.“
About Adapt Informatique

Adapt Informatique was founded in 2001 and has a modern solution for the real estate market for independent and multi-site agencies, collaborative agency networks, franchises and cooperatives. They support real estate professionals in the development of their commercial activities, offering them a range of services: Adapt immo real estate software, the multi-posting of their ads, collaborative work, the design of their website, referencing on Google, and more. Adapt Informatique has its headquarters in Montpellier, France.

For more information visit:

About Total Specific Solutions (TSS)
Total Specific Solutions is a global provider of IT business solutions and consists of independent business units that deliver products and services to their specific vertical market segments. This market expertise is based on decades of experience. TSS is active in the verticals healthcare, local and central government, financial and legal services, accountancy, agriculture, automotive, construction, education, geoscience, hospitality, manufacturing, maritime, mobility, real estate and retail. TSS is part of Inc, a public company listed on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange. Inc is part of the ecosystem of Constellation Software Inc (CSI), a global provider of vertical business solutions.
More information can be found on the website:

More information:
Total Specific Solutions
Françoise Farag
General Manager
Telephone: +33 (0) 6 07 53 85 69
Adapt Informatique
Sabrina Robles Lebailly Managing Director
Telephone: +33 (0) 6 09 64 77 20

Total Specific Solutions enters the Danish automotive vertical with the acquisition of Helios Auto

Total Specific Solutions enters the Danish automotive vertical with the acquisition of Helios Auto

1. Februar 2022

Helios Auto (“Helios”), the Danish software company specialized in financial management solutions for the automotive industry in the Nordics, has joined Total Specific Solutions („TSS“). This is the third software company in Denmark to join TSS following FDC and Schilling and the thirteenth in the Nordics.

The Helios solutions are used in garages, repair and paint shops, car and truck dealers, and other types of workshops. The end-to-end software solution supports all aspects of the day-to-day running of a modern auto company for both customer-facing and internal processes. The software has modules for accounting, debtors & creditors, CRM, HR needs, time recording, sales and inventory management and more. The system is easily scalable and can be customized individually according to the needs of the specific customer and can help small businesses and large automotive corporations. Helios has an extensive list of integrations with car brands and suppliers, wholesalers, payment methods and financial systems in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and the Faroe Islands.

Birthe Elkjaer, General Manager at TSS: „We are pleased to welcome Helios to TSS in Denmark, our first software company for the automotive vertical in our country, and the second one next to Infoflex in the region. Helios is a software solution provider that was founded over 25 years ago. A long history of customer-driven software has resulted in a modular solution that can grow with the needs of its clients. So smaller garages or repair shops can use specific modules as well as large dealerships. Their customer focus fits very well with our TSS philosophy. And it is always interesting to find out practices in a new industry to see what we can learn and bring to our existing verticals, and vice versa.
I am looking forward to working with Managing Director Carsten Thune and the team.“

Carsten Thune, Managing Director of Denmark: „This is an exciting new phase for Helios taking the company to the next level. We have a company with a highly valued solution in the market. It covers everything from administration, car purchases and sales, garage/workshop workflow management, enrollment and time registration, and spare parts management. We have good relationships with our clients and a solid understanding of the market. We can proudly say that we are market leaders in Denmark and Norway. But as leaders, you need fresh inspiration to service your clients with the same energy as a startup company.
By joining TSS, we ensure that this will continue in the future for our company, clients, and employees. TSS has a ‚Software for Life‘ policy, meaning that they hold companies forever. By getting access to new knowledge on running software companies and now having over 4,000 new colleagues, we gain new insights, inspiration, and energy to take the next step in the future of Helios.“

Roger Sellæg, Business Unit Director of Norway: „We believe that this is the way to go forward for Helios, giving us the strength and impact so that we can be of value in the growing Nordic automotive market. We look forward to being part of TSS and our future within the group.“

Helios Auto
Helios Auto is a Danish software company with a leading position in the automotive vertical, servicing more than 1,500 auto repair shops and car dealerships in the Nordics. The Helios software is a complete integrated IT system that supports the management of daily operations for auto shops and adjacent segments in the automotive aftermarket. The company was founded in 1993 (formerly RST ApS) and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with an additional office presence in Verdal, Norway.

Total Specific Solutions stärkt seine Position in Spanien durch die Akquisition von M.SOFT Worldwide

Total Specific Solutions expands its position in Spain with the acquisition of M.SOFT Worldwide

Nieuwegein, 1 December 2021. M.SOFT Worldwide (”M.SOFT’), one of the leading Spanish providers of business information systems for the automation of transport and warehouse logistics operations, has joined Total Specific Solutions (‚TSS‘). This is the fourth company in Spain joining the European Vertical Market Software (VMS) group, following Ofimática, Spyro, and Baratz.
M.SOFT is a one-stop-shop company providing a full range of software solutions for logistics process automation. The suite of products covers all the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, and Logistics Service Providers (LSP). M.SOFT has an ERP system for LSP, a single application covering all functionalities from operations to administrative and financial functions needed to manage the processes related to transport and warehouse, and other key products for the entire industry within the suite that includes: Transportation Management System (TMS), Warehouse Management System (WMS), Yard Management System (YMS), Optimization and Mobility solutions.
Jurriaan Piek, General Manager at TSS: „We are proud to welcome M.SOFT to TSS, our fourth Spanish company. This acquisition is the first company within TSS to offer a complete suite of products for the logistics sector based in Spain. M.SOFT has compiled a wealth of knowledge over the past 32 years based on a deep understanding of customers’ needs. We believe that the company is well-positioned to continue growing in both Spain and Latin America.
We are delighted to support M.SOFT on the next phase of the journey as part of TSS.”
The current management team of M.SOFT will continue to lead the company. They want to make sure that M.SOFT will have a perpetual owner so that the team can continue building the company’s future faster and stronger than ever. TSS believes in – software for life -, giving the company the stability it was looking for and allowing M.SOFT to retain its identity, which has been carefully built up over the past 32 years.
The company has taken many steps to be side-by-side with its customers addressing their needs and challenges and adding value to the market. Now, M.SOFT is ready to continue its future as an independent business unit of TSS, which means continuity for our clients and employees, and an exciting next phase for all the people at M.SOFT, as part of a leading European software group.

Werde Teil der TSS als Business Controller

Business Controller (m/w/d)

Wir suchen Dich als Business Controller für TSS Deutschland.

  • Deine Chance, mehrere Unternehmen im schnellen Wachstum entscheidend mitzugestalten und an Deinen Aufgaben zu wachsen und zu lernen
  • Ein motiviertes, engagiertes, innovatives Team sowie flache Hierarchien und offene Kommunikation
  • Ein unbefristeter Vertrag mit dem Ziel einer vertrauensvollen, langfristigen und erfolgreichen Zusammenarbeit
  • Weiterentwicklung durch bezahlte Fortbildungen
  • Eine Unternehmenskultur des Miteinanders – denn Arbeit soll Freude machen
  • Flexible Arbeitszeiten und viele nette Gesten, wie zum Beispiel frisches Obst und leckere Getränke
  • Ein innovatives Arbeitsumfeld


Deine Stärken

Das ist dein Bildungshintergrund

  • Du hast erfolgreich ein wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Studium absolviert, idealerweise mit Schwerpunkt Finance oder Controlling.
  • Weiterhin hast Du mindestens 1 Jahr praktische Berufserfahrung in einer vergleichbaren Position gesammelt.
  • Du kannst Dich fließend auf Deutsch und Englisch unterhalten.
  • Der Umgang mit dem MS-Office-Paket, insbesondere mit Excel fällt Dir leicht. Von Vorteil sind Programmkenntnisse in DATEV und Power BI.
  • Du bist kommunikativ, lösungsorientiert, flexibel und hast eine Hands-On-Mentalität.
  • Du kannst sowohl eigenständig als auch im Team arbeiten und fährst bei Termindruck zur Höchstform auf.


Deine Aufgaben

Hier ist dein Wissen gefragt

  • Du unterstützt die Manager der einzelnen Business Units dabei, ihre Ziele für die jeweilige Business Units zu erreichen.
  • Du hast einen Blick für die Geschäftsentwicklung der Business Units und stehst mit Rat und Tat zur Seite. Monatlich sprichst du über die Erwartungen und hast kein Problem auch mal kritische Fragen zu stellen.
  • Du unterstützt das Führungsteam bei der Erarbeitung der Umsatz- und Preisstrategie. Auf der anderen Seite behältst du die Kosten und die Anzahl der Kunden im Blick.
  • Über regelmäßige und spontane Besprechungen und Einblicke hilfst du den Business Units, sich weiter zu verbessern.
  • Neben den bestehenden Business Units können jederzeit weitere Akquisitionsprojekte hinzukommen.

Mehr erfährst Du auf den Karriereseiten der easySoft, die seit 2020 Teil der TSS ist.

Hier geht es zur Stellenausschreibung.

TSS Deutschland Kick-off – Just do it

TSS Deutschland Kick-off

Treffen der Managementteams der TSS Deutschland vom 5.-6. Oktober in Metzingen

TSS Deutschland ist in den letzten Jahren auf 7 Unternehmen angewachsen. Es, war nun das erste Mal Gelegenheit zum persönlichen Kennenlernen über die digitale Welt hinaus.

Im Rahmen des Events hatten wir eine Fülle an interessanten Rednern. Jasper Bollen, General Manager für die DACH-Region, eröffnete das Event mit einem persönlichen Einblick, wie für die TSS das Kapitel Deutschland begann und welche Ziele bestehen. Ramon Zanders, unser Group CEO, sprach über sein Leben in der dynamischen Welt der TSS – als Geschäftsführer des Softwareentwicklers Yonder bis zum CEO von TSS. Unser M&A Manager Alexander Brendecke gab einen Überblick über die M&A Aktivitäten in der DACH Region.

Insbesondere für die in 2020 und 2021 hinzugestoßenen Unternehmen waren die eindrücklichen Berichte von Jens Buchloh, Gründer und Geschäftsführer von ergovia in Kiel, sowie von Maria Yankulina und Dennis Coort (prohandel) über die ersten Jahre als Teil der TSS inspirierend.

Zum Abschluss hielt unser Gastredner Bert Helbig einen motivierenden Vortrag zum Thema Customer Intimacy, einem der Kernwerte aller Unternehmen der TSS.

Ein besonderer Dank geht an unsere Organisatoren Andreas Nau, Friedhelm Seiler und die Kollegen von easySoft, die Ihre Räumlichkeiten in Metzingen als Tagungsort bereitgestellt und für ein exzellentes Rahmenprogramm gesorgt haben.

In den nächsten Jahren sollen weitere Unternehmen und Mitarbeitende zu TSS Deutschland hinzustoßen. So soll  das TSS Deutschland Event künftig einmal jährlich stattfinden, um das Netzwerk innerhalb der Gruppe zu stärken, denn auch wenn jedes Unternehmen für seine Kunden branchenspezifische Lösungen bereitstellt, können alle vom Best Practices Austausch profitieren.

Wenn Sie Eigentümer eines Branchensoftwareunternehmens sind und eine dauerhafte und nachhaltige Heimat für Ihr Unternehmen suchen, kontaktieren Sie uns gerne für ein erstes Gespräch.

3 Fragen an Andreas Nau, Geschäftsführer der easySoft – „Bildung ist der Schlüssel, der die Zukunft aufschließt“

Rund 750 Millionen Menschen weltweit können nach Angaben der Unesco nicht richtig lesen und schreiben. Bildung liegt Andreas Nau am Herzen. Im Kurzinterview erklärt er, wie sein Unternehmen aktiv gegen Analphabetismus kämpft und warum lebenslanges Lernen heute
so wichtig wie nie zuvor ist.

Jedes Jahr am 8. September erinnert die UNESCO am Welttag der Alphabetisierung daran, dass 750 Millionen Menschen nicht richtig lesen und schreiben können. Dabei ist Bildung die Grundlage für ein selbstbestimmtes Leben und wird mit der steigenden Informationsflut immer wichtiger.

Andreas Nau hat bis heute mit dem Lernen nie aufgehört. Der easySoft Geschäftsführer findet Bildung so wichtig, dass er alle seine Mitarbeiter zu zwei Fortbildungen pro Jahr verpflichtet. Warum lebenslange Bildung immer wertvoller wird und was Unternehmen von Apple und Festo lernen können, erklärt er im Kurzinterview.

Was bedeutet Bildung für dich persönlich?

Ich zitiere da gerne Nelson Mandela: „Education ist the most powerful weapon to change the world.“ Bildung ist der Grundstein für ein gutes Leben. Durch sie erhalten wir die Möglichkeit, unser Leben proaktiv zu gestalten: Wir können agieren statt reagieren.

Bildung geht immer mit einer Verhaltensänderung einher. Wenn ich etwas gelernt habe, dann kann ich Informationen anders einordnen und mit bisher unbezwingbaren Situationen plötzlich umgehen. Einfaches Beispiel: Wenn Sie jemanden mit dem Auto in die Stuttgarter Rush-Hour schicken, der noch nie in seinem Leben etwas von Verkehrsregeln gehört hat, dann wird die Fahrt vermutlich sehr kurz. Anders sieht es aus, wenn er zuvor eine Fahrschule besucht. Die macht zwar niemanden zum perfekten Autofahrer, aber die Grundlagen des Straßenverkehrs sind dann immerhin klar.

In meinem Leben spielt Bildung schon sehr lange eine Schlüsselrolle. Als Lehrer für Pflegeberufe war ich unmittelbar mit dem Thema in Berührung. Hier habe ich viele Erfahrungen gesammelt, die mir heute noch weiterhelfen. Ich möchte aber nie stehen bleiben. Deshalb lese ich im Jahr zwischen 30 und 50 Fachbücher und besuche mehrere Fortbildungen, mit denen ich mich in meinem Berufsumfeld weiterentwickle.

Was hat easySoft mit Alphabetisierung und Bildung zu tun?

Eines unserer größten und wichtigsten sozialen Projekte ist unsere Patenschule in Angola. Gemeinsam mit der Hilfsorganisation JAM unterstützen wir das „School-Feeding“. Alle Schulkinder erhalten täglich eine warme Mahlzeit – oftmals das einzige nahrhafte Essen, das sie am Tag zu sich nehmen.
Die Essensausgabe hat aber noch einen weiteren wichtigen Effekt: Die Kinder können sich besser auf den Unterricht konzentrieren. Dort lernen Sie rechnen und schreiben, aber auch die Grundlagen der Hygiene.

Bildung ist der Schlüssel, der den Kindern eine neue Zukunft aufschließt. Sie lernen, wie sie Landwirtschaft betreiben, um sich und ihre Familien selbst versorgen zu können. Oder Sie nutzen ihr Wissen, indem sie auf einer weiterführenden Schule eine Berufsausbildung machen. In beiden Fällen sind die Grundlagen Lesen, Schreiben und Rechnen unfassbar wertvoll für die Kinder.

Um das Thema Bildung mit unserem Unternehmen zu verknüpfen, muss man aber nicht unbedingt bis nach Angola reisen. Auch wenn bei uns in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz die Bildungsgrundlagen weitestgehend abgedeckt sind, kommt die Fort- und Weiterbildung oft zu kurz.

Deshalb arbeitet unser gesamtes Team jeden Tag daran, (Weiter-)Bildung in Organisationen und Unternehmen einfach und unkompliziert zu machen. Unser Ziel ist es, den Bildungsverantwortlichen Verwaltungsaufwand abzunehmen. Mit den gewonnenen Freiräumen bleibt ihnen mehr Zeit für das wirklich Wichtige: die Menschen und Mitarbeiter.

Warum ist Bildung auch in Unternehmen ein wichtiges Thema?

Heute ist lebenslange Bildung wichtiger denn je. Wissen altert immer schneller, die Halbwertszeit liegt in manchen Branchen nur noch zwischen ein und zwei Jahren. Zusätzlich entstehen durch Digitalisierung, Fachkräftemangel und demographischen Wandel ständig neue Herausforderungen.

In den Unternehmen mit dem größten Wachstumspotenzial wird eine aktive Bildungskultur gepflegt. Mitarbeiter besuchen regelmäßig Schulungen oder nutzen andere Bildungsangebote, das lebenslange Lernen wird bewusst gefördert. Festo etwa steckt jährlich ca. 1,5% seines Umsatzes – das waren 2019 immerhin 3,07 Mrd. € (weltweiter Gesamtumsatz nach eigenen Angaben) –  in die hauseigene Academy und seine Lernzentren. Die Apple University gibt sich geradezu elitär, als Präsidenten haben die Kalifornier Joel Podolny ausgewählt – und der war nach seiner Tätigkeit als Forschungsleiter in Harvard immerhin Dekan der Yale University.

Bei einem genauen Blick auf die weltweit am stärksten wachsenden Unternehmen sieht man, dass der Wachstumserfolg von Unternehmen eng mit der Bildungskultur verknüpft ist. Dabei steht und fällt der Lern- und Bildungserfolg in Organisationen mit dem passenden Bildungsmanagement. Genau hier setzen wir seit 25 Jahren an.
Als Impulsgeber für digitales und individuelles Bildungsmanagement sind wir überzeugt:
Bildung ist der Schlüssel, der die Zukunft aufschließt.

Deshalb unterstützen wir mit unserer Software gezielt die Bildungsverantwortlichen in Unternehmen und Organisationen. Sie spielen die Schlüsselrolle, wenn es um die Bildungskultur geht. Wenn sie genügend Freiräume für die aktive Gestaltung von Weiterbildungsmaßnahmen bekommen, hilft das dem gesamten Unternehmen weiter.


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NEXTIP, ein führender Anbieter von Contact Center Lösungen in Italien, wird Teil der TSS

NEXTIP, ein führender Anbieter von Contact Center Lösungen in Italien, wird Teil der TSS

NEXTIP, one of the leading providers of dedicated software solutions for contact centers in Italy, has joined Total Specific Solutions. This is the second Italian software acquisition by TSS this summer, following the acquisition of A.P. System in July. TSS now has three software companies in Italy.

NEXTIP offers its clients an end-to-end contact center platform that handles inbound and outbound customer communication over multiple channels such as telephone, web, chat, email, messaging apps, social media, and text. NEXTIP offers a ‚Contact Center as a service‘ model that can be used to support both large and small contact centers. The back-office module of the multi-channel platform centralizes all customer data so that the in- and outbound modules can relate and display customer information, combined with managed contact information on a single desktop. In addition, the communication channels include modern instant messaging and social networks through a centralized platform and automatic Chatbot / VoiceBot services.

Erwin Witte, General Manager at TSS: “We are excited to add another key vertical software organization to our Italian TSS portfolio. Many high-profile Italian companies use the NEXTIP end-to-end platform at their contact centers. Since 2010, Francesco Basili and his team have grown NEXTIP into one of the leading software solutions for this market. Once based on traditional contact methods, they have innovated their solution over time to include all current communication methods such as chatbots and social channels. The NEXTIP platform has been developed in close cooperation with the clients. The high customer satisfaction proves that the software fits the needs of the industry.

I am pleased that Francesco will continue in his current role as Managing Director to support the company in their next phase.”

Francesco Basili, Managing Director at NEXTIP: “My team and I have worked closely with our customers to create our innovative contact platform. Supported by TSS, we are looking forward to taking the next step in the future of our company. It will be exciting to be part of one of Europe’s leading vertical market software groups. The ‘buy and hold forever’ philosophy of TSS means that the future of NEXTIP is safeguarded for our customers. Apart from this, joining TSS will create a lot of new opportunities for our employees. We are incredibly proud of what we have achieved since its inception and the company we have built. We look forward to the next part of the journey. NEXTIP will remain an independent business unit with its own identity within TSS’s decentralized operational model. We join the other TSS software companies in Italy and will help TSS expand its foothold in our country. And we look forward to sharing our insights and experiences with all our new colleagues across Europe.”


NEXTIP provides a mission-critical cloud-based contact center solution whereby customers can organize all in- and outbound contact needs. Its motto is simple, fast, and competitive and its platform helps clients to achieve just that: the application centralizes, relates, and displays customer data with managed contact information in a single desktop view. In total, more than 5.000 contact center operators use the NEXTIP solution every day for all their contact / communication needs. The company was founded in 2010 and is located in Milan, Italy.

Total Specific Solutions übernimmt das Softwareunternehmen isp-insoft aus Hannover

Nieuwegein, 16 August 2021.

Total Specific Solutions baut mit der Übernahme von isp-insoft seine Präsenz in Deutschland weiter aus. isp-insoft ist der marktführende Lösungsanbieter für die Beitragssachbearbeitung in deutschen Städten und Gemeinden. Es ist das siebte Softwareunternehmen der Gruppe in Deutschland. Dabei handelt es sich um die erste Akquisition im Bereich der deutschen Kommunalverwaltung, einem Sektor, in dem TSS europaweit über viel Erfahrung verfügt.
Die umfassende Lösungssuite KKG der isp-insoft bietet alle Funktionen für die Beitragssachbearbeitung in Städten und Gemeinden. Weit über 1.300 Anwender in ganz Deutschland nutzen täglich die praxisgerechten Lösungen in KKG, mit der Kommunen Gebühren und Abgaben für Grundstücke und andere kommunale Bereiche (Infrastruktur, Quartiers- und Stadtsanierung, Gewässerschutz, Emissionen, etc.) von/an Bürgern und Organisationen verwalten, kalkulieren und erheben bzw. erstatten können. Die Software-Suite umfasst über 40 frei nach örtlichen Gegebenheiten zusammenstellbare und individuell konfigurierbare Module die den kompletten Workflow, der für die Planung, Kalkulation, Benachrichtigung und Abwicklung der Beitragssachbearbeitung benötigt wird abbilden. Zusätzlich bietet isp-insoft mit dem neuen Produkt APM eine spezifische Prozess- und Projektmanagementlösung, die speziell auf die Bedürfnisse von Kunden aus dem öffentlichen Sektor und kleinen und mittelständischen Unternehmen zugeschnitten ist.
Jasper Bollen, General Manager bei TSS: "KKG deckt alle Funktionen für die spezifischen Beitragsverfahren in Städten und Gemeinden ab und ist eine echte vertikale Marktlösung. Durch den Aufbau langjähriger Beziehungen zu den Kommunen und Verwaltungen verfügt isp-insoft über ein tiefes Wissen und Verständnis für die Bedürfnisse ihrer Kunden. Wir freuen uns, dass sie sich TSS angeschlossen haben. TSS verfügt über viel Erfahrung im Bereich der Kommunalverwaltung in ganz Europa. Mit isp-insoft stärken wir unsere Position in diesem Bereich in Deutschland. Ich danke Herrn Burkhard Wedell und Herrn Achim Lange für den Aufbau eines starken VMS-Unternehmens mit einer marktführenden Position und freue mich darauf, isp-insoft in die nächste Phase zu begleiten."
Burkhard Wedell, ehemaliger Inhaber und Geschäftsführer von isp-insoft: "Ein vor langer Zeit selbst gegründetes Unternehmen ist wie ihr Kind: Sie fühlen und tragen die ganze Verantwortung. Herr Lange und ich sind nach über 45 Jahren aktivem Einsatz bereit, in den Ruhestand zu gehen, und so haben wir einen neuen Eigentümer gesucht, der die Zukunft des Unternehmens sichern kann. Bei TSS hat uns vor allem die 'Software for Life' Philosophie überzeugt. Das bedeutet, dass das, was wir in über 40 Jahren aufgebaut haben, auch in Zukunft als Marke und Unternehmen für unsere Kunden und Mitarbeiter weiterbestehen wird. TSS hat ähnliche Werte wie wir, u.a. Kundennähe, Fokussierung auf die Geschäftsbedürfnisse der Kunden und Entwicklung skalierbarer Standardsoftware für spezifische Branchen. Das derzeitige Managementteam, das unsere Märkte, Kunden und Produkte sehr gut kennt, wird das Unternehmen unterstützt durch TSS weiterführen.“

Das Unternehmen wurde 1981 als Softwareentwicklungs- und Vertriebsunternehmen gegründet. Die isp-insoft führt mehrere Produktlinien: APM-Professional und APM-Kommunal, eine Prozess- und Projektmanagementsoftware für privatwirtschaftliche Unternehmen, sowie den öffentlichen Sektor sowie das Kernprodukt KGG für die Berechnung und Erhebung besonderer kommunaler Abgaben von Unternehmen und Privatpersonen durch die öffentliche Verwaltung. Die KKG-Lösung enthält ebenfalls ein Werkzeug zur Unterstützung der grafischen Bearbeitung von Karten und Plänen im Rahmen der Abgabenerhebungsverfahren und bietet Schnittstellen, um alle Lösungen innerhalb des Ökosystems der Kunden zu verbinden. Das Unternehmen hat seinen Sitz in Hannover, Deutschland. Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Website:

Total Specific Solutions (TSS)
Total Specific Solutions ist ein führender europäischer Anbieter von Branchensoftware und besteht aus unabhängigen Geschäftsbereichen, die Produkte und Dienstleistungen für ihre spezifischen vertikalen Marktsegmente liefern. Diese Marktkenntnis basiert auf jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung. TSS ist in den Branchen Gesundheitswesen, Kommunal- und Zentralregierung, Einzelhandel, Finanz- und Rechtsdienstleistungen, Buchhaltung, Verbände, Immobilien, Automobil, Gastgewerbe, Fertigung, Mobilität und Bildung tätig. TSS ist Teil der Constellation Software Inc. (CSI), einer an der kanadischen Börse notierten Aktiengesellschaft. Weitere Informationen finden Sie unter:
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CGG Sells its GeoSoftware Business to and Vela Software

CGG Sells its GeoSoftware Business to and Vela Software


30. Juli 2021

CGG S.A. (“CGG”) and Inc. (“Topicus”) (TSXV: TOI) announced today that CGG has entered into an agreement with Topicus and Vela Software (“Vela”), for the sale of CGG’s GeoSoftware business (“Geosoftware” or the “Company”). The closing of this transaction remains subject to mutually agreed closing conditions.

“Being a perpetual owner of businesses, Topicus and Vela look forward to maintaining the standard of excellence that CGG has instilled in the Company’s solutions,“ said Gabor Czegledy, CEO of Vela’s Energy Portfolio and Han Knooren, Group CEO of the TSS operating group within Topicus. „We are excited to welcome Geosoftware and its employees, for the long term, into our portfolio.” The Geosoftware business will be owned jointly by Topicus and Vela, with Topicus owning 60% and Vela 40%.

Sophie Zurquiyah, CEO, CGG, said: “GeoSoftware has a leading position in its market niche. We believe that Topicus and Vela, being software focused companies with a permanent hold philosophy, will be a great home for the business and its employees. We expect that together they will further invest and develop the GeoSoftware product suite, allowing the Company to grow its offerings and continue its success”.

About Vela Software

Vela is a global provider of software solutions to a number of vertical industries with broad and deep market knowledge in the Energy and Resources software. As an operating group of Constellation Software Inc., Vela acquires, manages, and builds industry specific software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions. Vela’s goal is for its companies to become leaders in their respective verticals by investing in their operations, growing through organic initiatives, and by seeking acquisitions that can strengthen their market position.

About Inc. is a leading pan-European provider of vertical market software and vertical market platforms to clients in public and private sector markets. Operating and investing in countries and markets across Europe with long-term growth potential, Inc. acquires, builds and manages leading software companies providing specialized, mission-critical and high-impact software solutions that address the particular needs of customers.

For further information, contact: Inc.

Jamal Baksh, Chief Financial Officer

Tel: (416) 861-9677

About CGG

CGG ( is a global geoscience technology leader. Employing around 3,700 people worldwide, CGG provides a comprehensive range of data, products, services and solutions that support our clients to more efficiently and responsibly solve complex natural resource, environmental and infrastructure challenges. CGG is listed on the Euronext Paris SA (ISIN: 0013181864).

For further information, contact:

Group Communications & Investor Relations

Christophe Barnini

Tel: + 33 1 64 47 38 11


Total Specific Solutions acquires A.P. System and expands its position in Italy

Total Specific Solutions acquires A.P. System and expands its position in Italy

A.P. System, the Italian software company that delivers solutions for organizations active in the installation and maintenance of lifts, escalators, and elevators, has become part of Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). This is the second acquisition after RTS in Italy.

A.P. System has developed a specific solution suite that supports customers in all of their daily installation and maintenance activities. Its core solution is AziWin Eleva, an ERP that covers the processes of repair management, maintenance planning, lift inspection, and visit check management. AziWin Eleva allows users to automate all primary business processes and support specific operational domains like order management, call handling, site visits, billing cycles, and maintenance teams. On top of this ERP, A.P. System has developed several functional modules such as Eleva Mobile. This module for mobile devices allows the company and technicians to exchange information, thereby reducing the timeframe of all back-office manual phases, supervising technicians‘ activities, and automatically gathering the processing times.

Erwin Witte, General Manager at TSS: “We are very pleased to welcome A.P. System to TSS. It is an excellent example of a truly dedicated vertical market software player. Leonardo Gramegna and his team succeeded in growing A.P. System into the leading software solution provider for the Italian elevator maintenance industry. The company is very close to its clients and has built a deep understanding of the sector over the years. Their specific software solutions perfectly match the needs of their clients. It will be valuable to learn their best practices and particular approaches. Having two well-known companies A.P. System and RTS in Italy gives TSS a solid basis to continue our growth in Italy.
I am looking forward to working with Leonardo, who will continue to lead the company into the next phase.”

Leonardo Gramegna, Managing Director of A.P. System: “We started A.P. System in 1986 and over the years we have built the company to the current leading position in our specific vertical. We have accomplished this together with our employees and customers. I am sure that, with TSS, we have found the best possible and durable future for them. TSS is a great landing platform for our company; we share the same values, like employee engagement and a 100% customer-centric approach. TSS has the ‘perpetual ownership’ principle, meaning that they are in it for the long term. A.P. System will become an independent business unit within TSS. It will become part of a group with more than 3,000 employees who believe in knowledge sharing. This will give us access to the enormous collection of accumulated VMS best practices. All of this gives us the solid foundation for the next phase for our company so we can continue to run a successful vertical market software company for decades to come.”

A.P. System

A.P. System Srl is a company established in 1986 specialized in developing specific solutions for installation and maintenance of lifts, goods lifts, escalators, and elevator systems companies. The company has built up a stable portfolio of over 200 customers covering more than 240.000 lifting installations in Italy. A.P. System is located in Bari, Italy.

Schilling Publishing, Dänemark, wird Teil der TSS Familie

Total Specific Solutions enters the publishing vertical with the acquisition of Schilling Publishing in Denmark

2. Juli 2021

Schilling Publishing, the leading provider of specialized software solutions for publishers in the Nordic region, has joined Total Specific Solutions (“TSS”). This is the second software company in Denmark to join TSS after FDC and the twelfth in the Nordics.

Schilling Publishing has an ERP developed for publishers covering all their needs. It has a Publishing Lifecycle Management solution helping companies to plan, manage and market their complete print, audio, and digital publishing portfolio. The modules for asset, rights, and royalty management help companies manage and keep track of all agreements with different stakeholders. And the author portal facilitates communications with authors and their agents.

Birthe Elkjaer, Portfolio Manager at TSS: „We are pleased to welcome Schilling to TSS in Denmark. It is always exciting to expand our vertical knowledge by adding new industries to our expertise, in this case, publishing. And it is even more special if the company has been building its solutions and client base for more than 25 years. Their customer-focused approach has made them a leading company in the Nordics. Over 95% of their customers recommend Schilling, which means that we have a strong knowledge company at the foundation of the new vertical. Schilling is also the second TSS company in Denmark, which provides a solid basis to continue expanding our foothold.
I am looking forward to working with Managing Director Anja Beltoft and her team.“

Anja Beltoft, Managing Director: “My team and I are looking forward to this new step. It is an opportunity that will bring new insights as part of one of Europe’s leading vertical market software groups, TSS. It will be interesting to learn new ways to run a vertical market software (VMS) company and help grow TSS in Denmark. I believe it will be a good step for our product, clients, and team.“

Jesper Schilling, Part owner: „My family started Schilling in 1971 and since it has grown beyond the Danish borders to become the leading software company for publishers in the Nordics. It is time for Schilling to transition from a family-owned company to an independent business unit of a European software group. We have built Schilling with passion and are proud of what we have achieved. So, it is difficult to say goodbye to the employees and clients that are part of the journey of Schilling. But we feel that TSS will be a good foundation for Schilling to continue the next leg of its journey, led by Anja, who has been with the company for nearly 25 years.“


Founded in 1971, Schilling is a software company with an ERP solution and has evolved into vertical software for publishing companies for more than two decades. Long-lasting relationships with clients and employees are part of the success of Schilling. Many of the top 10 publishers in the Nordics use the complete solution of integrated publishing software modules to run their audio, digital, and print publishing businesses. The office is located in Ishoej, Denmark.

Total Specific Solutions expands its position in Spain with the acquisition of Baratz

Baratz, a software company that delivers an Integrated Library System (ILS) for public and private customers, has joined Total Specific Solutions (TSS). It is the third company in Spain, following Ofimática and Spyro, to join the European VMS group.

Baratz has a library solution suite, AbsysNet, that provides the functionality for both digital and physical libraries and library networks to efficiently manage all of their needs, including lending, sharing catalogs, and other library services. Baratz offers public, university, school, and specialized libraries dedicated software solutions and has a very strong track record in servicing public clients, which represent more than 80% of Spanish libraries, making it a market leader in the public sector.

Martijn Aardema, General Manager at TSS: “We are very proud to welcome Baratz to TSS in Spain. With this acquisition, we expand our Spanish footprint and increase our knowledge of library software that we already have through Square Information Solutions. Baratz is very customer-focused and has shown impressive innovation capabilities. Mr. Juan Beitia founded the company in 1987, and he and his team have created a vertical market software company with an impressive customer base. The current management team has placed the company in a good position to continue its expansion in Spain and Latin America. I am looking forward to working together with Juan Repiso, the CEO of Baratz. Juan first joined the company as Sales Director but has been the CEO for the past 10 years. He has a profound understanding of the market and customers that will be very valuable to us. We are excited to support Baratz in the next phase of their journey.”

Juan Beitia, owner and chairman of Baratz: “When I founded Baratz over 30 years ago, I dreamed of a great future for the company. Its growth and expansion over the years have made me proud of the great team led by Juan Repiso. It is now time to keep evolving as part of TSS and continue accumulating successes.”

Juan Repiso, CEO of Baratz: “We are thrilled to join TSS to keep strengthening Baratz in the development and improvement of our software, AbsysNet. This opportunity will help us continue growing under the TSS structure and working with our clients as we have done for more than three decades. The accumulated knowledge is mixed with the experience TSS provides in product and business development. We will continue on the current path in terms of product quality and client satisfaction, which has helped us in achieving such strong results, but now as one of the companies which started TSS in Spain.”

About Baratz

Baratz was founded in 1987 and has since become a leader in library solutions for the Spanish market. Their deep market knowledge and constant investments in R&D have yielded a portfolio of high-end solutions. Their clients vary from specialized libraries to regional governments. Baratz has customers in Spain, France, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, and Argentina. Baratz is based in Madrid, Spain.